Формат — 210x273 мм.

Объем — 851 стр.

ISBN: 978-5-519-58786-0

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This book is a Commemorative collection of articles, published in honor of Helen Samoylovna Kubrjakova - Honored worker of science of Russian Federation, chief researcher of the Department of theoretical and applied linguistics, Institute of linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences, an outstanding scientist and organizer of science who stood at the origins of many new directions in the development of linguistic thought and the head of the Russian school of linguistics. At the same time, the present collective work is not only a tribute of respect and love for her jubilee. It reflects the situation in modern linguistics, as seen through the eyes of participants - more than 70 scientists, and, as in our country and abroad. In some sections of this monograph, and are characterized by the installation of modern linguistics, and its key concepts, and more specific objectives and methods used today in the field of grammar and semantics, neology and terminology in the study of problems of text and discourse, gender linguistics, etc. and if some of the articles in the section presents various "topics" in the linguistic analysis of relevant fields of knowledge, and then, together, they show a wide variety of topics of modern linguistic analysis and at the same time - to give an idea of this aspect of the whole of modern linguistics as an amazing combination of features traditional and innovative, truly new. All this allows us to solve the book to a wider audience - all those interested in the actual problems of modern science about the language and subjects of her research made by representatives of different paradigms of knowledge, but above all for those who want to learn more about the principles and approaches that are being developed today in this version of cognitivism as a cognitive-discursive paradigm of knowledge.