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ISBN: 978-5-519-58784-6

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Course of General morphology. Volume 5

I. A. Melchuk

"The course of General morphology" is a compendium of current knowledge in the field of morphology of natural languages. The object is the word in all its semantic, formal and combinatorial aspects. To describe the properties and behavior of words in the languages of the Earth developed a strict deductive system of concepts covering all areas of morphology. Based on the own 30-year research of the author, and available publications "course" is a unique edition in the linguistic literature there is no work on the morphology of such coverage. Fifth and final, which allows you to see the functioning of the introduced concepts in practice in existing morphological models of specific languages. These models are put in the corresponding grammatical job, expressing their inflectional forms. After the model - theoretical description of their components, devices and types of rules and levels of representation - the proposed model of Spanish verb conjugation, Hungarian declension nouns (possessive form) and a fragment of the conjugation of verbs in an African language Bafia. The increasing complexity of these aspects of morphology is both an incentive to find to support decision making and test their practical test. In the final part of the book to formulate General methodological principles which can guide the linguist in his research. The book is intended for linguists of all disciplines and can be used as a teaching aid for students of philological universities.