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Объем — 795 стр.

ISBN: 978-5-519-58775-4

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The monograph is the first comprehensive study of the problem of time as a category of historical discourse. History not only determines vremyapolozhenie past, present and future. It develops a variety of complex tense forms:.. nothing in the past, the past in the present, future and past, etc. analysis of the role of temporal representations in the historical consciousness and historical knowledge allows us to give an alternative interpretation of the evolution of European historiography and its place in the system of modern social Sciences. The book covers a wide range of issues related to historical clocks and calendars to discipline and allocation of time, and various methods of segmentation and structuring of history: a chronological system, the concept of periods and eras, phase and cycle diagrams, alternative and experimental models, methods dehronologizatsii and deconstruction.