Формат — 148x210 мм.

Объем — 307 стр.

ISBN: 978-5-519-60061-3

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Philosophy of nature in antiquity and the Middle Ages. Part 3

Unknown author

The book is a compilation of studies on ancient and medieval philosophy, accompanied by new translations of works representatives of the Platonic-Aristotelian and Stoic schools, and Christian metaphysics. Special studies are devoted to Aristotle's natural philosophy (P. P. Gaydenko), the matter due to the evil Aristotle (Jean-M. Narbonn), understanding the nature of the dam (T. Yu. Boroday, Yu. A. Shichalin), the place of scientific knowledge in eschatology early Middle Ages and their impact on the teaching of Origen (V. V. Petrov). Published for the first time translated into Russian debate about the nature of Xenarchus of Seleucia ether Seleucia, Alexander Afodisiysky and Attica, two treatises Dam - that the world is not evil (33 II of, 9), of nature as inferior incarnation of the world-soul (30 III of, 8).