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ISBN: 978-5-519-58400-5

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Scanning and OCR. Tutorial on working with ABBYY FineReader 10

A. G. Zhadaev

To work with electronic documents much easier and simpler to use than their paper counterparts. The electronic document can be edited to use when creating your own works, it is easy to copy and send them by email. However, many of the materials initially available to us in the form of read-only (or Scanned paper documents, digital photographs). The program ABBYY FineReader is the best tool to create electronic copies of any printed material: books, directories, journals, contracts, forms. The book includes a description of the methods of scanning and recognition of different originals, from simple book pages to complex documents. The screenshots of the program will allow the reader to quickly master the interface of ABBYY FineReader and receive practical skills to work with the program. The presentation of the material is accompanied by practical examples. Readers who have not tried to translate your printed materials into electronic form.