Формат — 148x210 мм.

Объем — 283 стр.

ISBN: 978-5-519-58247-6

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Two great forces collided, the walls of the white city. Iron squad of the Kiev Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavovicha and the dark army of the Pechenegs, nomads, cruel and treacherous, conspired to win a free Russia ... with no fear go to fight a ruthless nomads, but stands firmly in Belgorod, the Russian army of the fortress walls. The book by the famous Russian writer Vladimir Burtovoy has it all: bloody battles and sieges of fortresses, the exploits and intrigues of selfless love to the native land and a brutal betrayal, a great knowledge of historical realities and a dynamic, gripping story - in short everything you need to fans of historical romance and fans of the fascinating epic read.