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Объем — 337 стр.

ISBN: 978-5-519-57097-8

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Latvia under the yoke of Nazism. Collection of archival documents

Team of Authors

Quickly erased the historical memory. It's only been half a century since the time when the worldwide anti-Hitler coalition tocsin sounded, "this should not happen again." And now the executioners and murderers elevated to the rank of national heroes. Punishers of police battalions, legions "Waffen-SS", the International Nuremberg Tribunal qualified as criminals, are presented to the younger generation of democratic Latvia as fighters for their freedom and independence. What really happened in Latvia in 1941-1944? What were and how were formed the Latvian volunteer "auxiliary police security" than actually engaged in "team Arajsa" how to act "Aizsargi" it sinless legionaries On this and still many other things can be learned from the present to the reader a collection of archival documents? - white book about Latvia during the Nazi occupation.