Формат — 148x210 мм.

Объем — 237 стр.

ISBN: 978-5-519-54298-2

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Alla Bossart's grasshopper is a novel by a storyteller. Extremely whimsical designs at first it seems a collage, consisting of bytopisatelskie laced with humor and sometimes with depression stories, documents, stories, poems and Apocrypha, like the fragments of historical studies. But gradually scattered threads of the narration are woven all tighter, and before us already - not a collage, and a panel covering life of one family for two centuries. The narrator appears to the writer that owns all the tools of the genre: a plot, fantasy, idea and drama. Plus, the style in which the author lives absolutely freely and enthusiastically, the player changes it sometimes on one page. Its variegated characters are often struck by its authenticity and convex features. A rare sense of proportion makes this dress full of stereoscopic slice of life where the mystery of birth - the flip side of the mystery of death and love for life, is not alien to any of the Comedy or tragedy, no dreams.