Формат — 210x280 мм.

Объем — 271 стр.

ISBN: 978-5-519-54178-7

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Chronicle collection, called the Patriarch or the Nikon Chronicle. Volume 12

Team of Authors

In the IX-XIV volumes of a new series of the Complete Collection of Russian Chronicles reissued Nikon Chronicle - the biggest monument of Russian chronicles of the XVI century, got its name from one of the later lists belonging to the XVII century Patriarch Nikon.. Reissue preceded by a preface B.M.Klossa containing new description manuscripts and latest bibliography, and is selected from the monograph heads B.M.Klossa "Nikon arch and Russian chronicle the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries" (M .: Nauka, 1980), in which describes the manuscript Nikon chronicle and it turns out their origin.