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Tectonics of the visual image in the poetry of antiquity and Christian Europe

L. I. Taruashvili

Solving the main problems for your research, or the lack of sufficient prerequisites for architecture in the cultural and historical archetype of Christian Europe, The author of the monograph naturally reduces the problem to the question of the presence or absence in the very foundations of the European-Christian culture predisposition to tectonics as the self-value of aesthetic quality. To answer this question, the Author refers primarily to the visual imagery of poetry, with whose views on nature, neither tectonics, nor atectonic, which are not naturally associated, playing a secondary role in it, but whose presence in it for this very reason is most symptomatic from a cultural point of view. Contrastive analysis of texts of ancient and European-Christian poetry leads to the conclusion that the main indicator of tectonics, of the order, with all the brightness of his artistic manifestations, with all its essential from the Renaissance as a civilized socio-psychological factor was the European-Christian context, the phenomenon of genetically secondary, and not only because of the influence of the Roman monuments, the existing order with their samples, but also because of the indigenous features of Christian Europe as a culture.