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ISBN: 978-5-519-53910-4

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Penguins live even in southern Africa, not to mention the zoo and the "treasure trove of wild life" of Las Vegas (boat average temperature in summer-38) .What beast, Linux penguin? What to do on my computer? Do penguins love the Internet and they love it? How to use penguin for peaceful purposes? Does he need a spare part? And for nacalaban to poke the penguin in the fridge that is to install Linux on your computer? About all the meters and more and tell half the book, the first in the series? Library of ALT Linux? .Our? Penguin? The operating system and an impressive collection of programs for all occasions will be home to any refrigerator that is server that is personal. Personal even more interesting: anyone can do with their penguin anything, you just have to understand what is really going on inside the refrigerator. However, this should be able to read books not only from the beginning and the end.The penguin is attached.