Формат — 210x280 мм.

Объем — 629 стр.

ISBN: 978-5-519-52278-6

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The book provides an overview of structured cabling systems and the functionality of fiber-optic subsystem structured wiring. The substantiation of the application areas of the optical subsystem and the choice of fiber parameters of linear cable products. Characteristics and design features of single-mode and multimode fiber light guides and optical cables on their basis, switching panels and sockets, cord products and other equipment for various purposes used in the process of building optical paths of information transfer are presented. The questions of choice of design of the main optical subsystems and wiring at the level of the horizontal subsystem are touched upon, procedures of construction and measurements are described, and also the technological and measuring devices used are considered. The material presented is based on practical experience in the implementation of fiber optic subsystems and designed for a fairly wide range of readers - from students and trainees SCS to installers, staff of design departments and technical experts.