Формат — 148x210 мм.

Объем — 941 стр.

ISBN: 978-5-519-51705-8

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Digital Prototyping: Autodesk Inventor 2010. Official training course

Unknown author

Official Autodesk Inventor 2010 training materials is a training course for use in authorized training centers for corporate training and other collective activities. While these educational materials are designed for lessons with a teacher, they can also be used for self-study. To learn to work with the program you can, if you use these training materials, and online help system Autodesk Inventor 2010. This course is intended for new Autodesk Inventor users who want to become familiar with the basic tools and design principles of parametric parts in 3D, assembly design, as well as job creation drawings of parts and assemblies in Autodesk Inventor 2010. The book includes a CD with examples and illustrations from the book.